Pickup Schedule

Be sure to have your trash can down at the roadside the night before your route day to guarantee that we will service it. We do have new trucks and drivers to they will not always come at a set time. They start the route extremely early but continue through the afternoon to complete their entire route. Service times may vary.

We pick up Monday – Saturday and are closed on Sundays. We do not close for all holidays. We follow the holiday closure schedule of the Landfill. (If they are closed, we are closed.)

If one of these holidays falls during the week, and your regularly scheduled pick-up day falls on or after that weekday, it will be picked up the following day that week. (Example: holiday falls on a Wednesday, Monday and Tuesday will have regular pick-up, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday pickups will be one day late.)

2021 Closure Schedule

January 1 – New Year’s Day
November 26 – Thanksgiving Day
December 25 – Christmas Day